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Custom Security Solutions for Your Successful Business

Door Supervisor

With highly experienced, sharp and presentable security staff we provide exceptional door supervision services to various sites and the most desired venues, restaurants, events and organisations around London. Our staff undergo bespoke training to fulfil our main objective of providing safety and security to your venue in addition to also creating a positive image for the business.


As with other security services we provide, CCTV surveillance is an essential part of our operation. Our CCTV security staff are always vigilant and alert when monitoring. Either spotting out potential threats, incidents, illegal activity or any other situation which needs to be reported or taken care of, we will always be monitoring and acting. Given the technical ability of our staff.

Close Protection

The enhanced knowledge, tactical ability and experience of our close protection officers ensures the maximum safety of our clients in the toughest situations. We provide well trained and qualified personal bodyguards that are alert to anticipate any problem and always keep you away from harm.

Security Technology

Exen security services works with the most known security tech providers, we build the right system for the right venue, this includes from CCTV to your door access systems, Email us for more info and quotation purposes.

Construction Security

In construction the key aspects to be aware of is health, safety and security. Exen security staff have great knowledge on construction sites and can identify and act in situations involving health and safety. We understand how vulnerable construction sites can be due to the expensive valuables kept on site and know this could be a desired target. Our securities are very alert on this matter and will not hesitate to take action.

Private Chauffeuring

All of our private chauffeurs have the necessary documents and qualifications to take you to your destinations safely. Our drivers are extremely professional and have exceptional knowledge on the fundamental structure of chauffeuring to deliver you a safe, peaceful and comfortable experience.

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